Jeff Snyder - Composer / Improviser / Instrument Designer

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“Jeff Snyder – Concerning the Nature of Things ” (2018), Carrier Records. Chamber music for invented instruments and unusual instrumentations by Jeff Snyder. Features Susan Alcorn, Mivos Quartet, Sideband, Caroline Shaw, Gabriel Crouch, members of Wet Ink Ensemble and So Percussion.

“Listening Group – Listening Group” (2018), 577 Records. Large ensemble improvisation with Daniel Carter, Claire de Brunner, Patrick Holmes, Nick Lyons, Jeff Snyder, Stelios Mihas, Jonah Rosenberg, Zach Swanson, and Federico Ughi

“Jeff Snyder and Federico Ughi – Duo” (2018), Carrier Records. Duo improvisations by Jeff Snyder and Federico Ughi.

"A fascinating mix of brutal beats and abstract synth explorations." -The Guardian

"This is a bravely discordant collection of new music. It is fun and exciting and entirely unhesitant. There’s also a good chance it’s like nothing else in your collection." -Badd Press Blog

"...frenetic drums and laser-like synths which approach Sun Ra at his most electrified." -The Answer is in the Beat

“Jeff Snyder – Sunspots ” (2018), Carrier Records Solo album of electronic music by Jeff Snyder.

"...delightfully squirmy, squelchy, and full of surprises, as passages of blorpy rhythm and creeping melody corrode into shapeless, acidic noise" -Peter Margasek, for Bandcamp Best of Contemporary Classical.

"...listen closely and there’s plenty of subtle, sublime trickery going on." -The Answer is in the Beat.

"This is a near-flawless testament to the power of electronic music, and proof of much finesse and innate creativity is required to craft albums worth placing in the genre’s pantheon of essential releases...Snyder’s poise and mastery of his instruments produce a truly engrossing listen from start to finish...This is electronic music to lose oneself in; a timeless ode to the power of effective sonic exploration." -HeavyBlogIsHeavy.

" of Pan Sonic, Matmos, and Merzbow should investigate. A major work." -The Vinyl District.
"By turns mischievous, sinister, and soulful, Sunspots is a reminder that the synthesizer’s possibilities are endless... Somehow obscene—feels so hideously wrong that, ultimately, it’s marvelously right." -Raymond Cummings, Bandcamp Daily (Bandcamp Album of the Day)

“Life Station – Life Station ” (2016), 577 Records. Album by an improvising free-jazz quintet featuring Leila Adu, Daniel Carter, Jeff Henderson, Federico Ughi, and Jeff Snyder.

“The Federico Ughi Quartet – Heart Talk ” (2016), 577 Records. Album by a free-jazz quartet featuring Jeff Snyder on electronics.

“The Miz'Ries – Complete Control of Your Vehicle ” (2016), Belts and Whistles Records. Trio with Leila Adu and Quinn Collins.

“The Miz'Ries – Emotional Performance Motorcycle ” (2014), Belts and Whistles Records. Trio with Leila Adu and Quinn Collins.

“exclusiveOr – Archaea ” (2013), Carrier Records. Electronic duo with Sam Pluta.

“Wet Ink Ensemble” (2009), Carrier Records. Includes Traceries, by Jeff Snyder.

“Cougar – Patriot” (2009) Instrumental rock group Cougar recorded Jeff Snyder’s piece “Endings” on their September 2009 release “Patriot” on Ninjatune Records. review

The Language Of” (2008) Includes Sunspots I, II, and III for Buchla synthesizer through acoustic resonators. Released on QuietDesign Records. review

exclusiveOr - ^” (2008) Self-Titled album of Jeff Snyder’s duo with Sam Pluta, released on QuietDesign Records.

Owen Lake – A Love on My Mind” (2007) Electro-country EP recorded under the pseudonym Owen Lake in 2007. Jeff Snyder on lead vocals, electronics, bass and production. Released on Layered Records.

Twin Thousands – Like You A Lot” (2007) Includes a Jeff Snyder (under the name Scattershot) remix of title track, Exercise 1 records.

A Million Billion – Volcano Season” (2006) Includes a Jeff Snyder (under the name Scattershot) remix of title track, Exercise 1 records.

"TV Pow - Burned Bridges and Lost Loves" (2005) Includes a remix by Jeff Snyder of TV Pow. Released on Bottrop-Boy records.

The Power-Ups” (2004) Self-released live recording of original arrangements for rock band of theme music from classic video games. Jeff Snyder on synthesizer and electric guitar and all arrangements.

Public Enemy – Revolverlution” (2002) Includes a remix of “The B-Side Wins Again” by Jeff Snyder and Ryan Ross Smith.

“Scattershot – Extrasexual Behavior” (2002) Self-released recording of original electro-funk under the pseudonym Scattershot.