A few projects currently in-progress:



Respite from the Roast: A CD-length composition for five improvising musicians of the Scott Fields Ensemble.

Crow Soup: an operatic setting of a new libretto written by Leonora Carrington with her son Gabriel Weisz, both now living in Mexico City. Carrington, a painter, sculpter, novelist, and playwright, born in England, is generally regarded as the last surviving member of the original (1930's) Paris surrealist group.



Circles: a software package for composers' manipulation of generalized frameworks of scalar and harmonic materials according to the "step class system" described in Ideas of Order (below). Port to Mac OS-X completed, 2002.

VIDI: a software-hardware system facilitating the transformation of dynamic visual information into MIDI information, according to user-defined criteria and scaling, involving specialists in both computer vision and MIDI technology, and a complex ensemble of hardware, including video cameras, MIDI equipment, stroboscopic lights, and two separate-but-connected computers. Software/hardware system designed and tested; construction in progress; work on this has become more intense with Apple's release of the MIDI specification for Mac OS-X.




The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt -- undertaken with Andrew Mead, Stephen Peles, and Joseph Straus, for publication by Princeton University Press. A book-length collection of Babbitt's published articles, some long and highly technical, others much less so. In press.

The Structure of Construction: a review of several rational reconstructions of the tonal system. One of a selection of papers from 1991 national meeting of the Society for Music Theory, to be published by In Theory Only. In press.

Ideas of Order: A series of articles which will, eventually, constitute a monograph outlining a generalized "step-class system," and applying it to both tonal and non-tonal theoretical issues and repertoires.