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Refraction/Refracja (1986) 5'    
Spectra (1985) 14'

Of Mere Being (version for soprano and large orchestra); text from Wallace Stevens

(1982; revised 1984,1991) 6'    
Instrumental Chamber Ensemble
Respite from the Roast (for five improvising musicians: oboe/English horn, clarinet/saxophone, trumpet, vibraphone, and electric guitar) (2002) c. 60'    
Sonotropism (for four improvising musicians: saxophone, piano, electric guitar, and 'cello) (1996) c. 60'  
Out of My System (violin, clarinet, 'cello, and percussion - two bongos, three conga drums, and vibraphone) (1995) 12'    
Needles and Pins ('cello, harpsichord, and optional mime) (1994) 8'    
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1987) 42'    
String Quartet (1984) 14'    
Alba (flute, clarinet, violin, 'cello, and percussion - two bongos, three conga drums, and vibraphone) (1980) 21'  
Stacked Deck (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, timpani, keyboard percussion, unpitched percussion, piano, violin, 'cello) (1979) 8'  
Quartet (flute, oboe, 'cello, harpsichord) (1978) 6'    
Trio (violin, 'cello, piano) (1977) 14'  
Instrumental Chamber Ensemble with Voice
The Show (clarinet, violin, piano, percussion and soprano); text and illustrations from Donald Barthelme (adapted) (1986) 15'  
At Baia (version for soprano, violin and piano); text from H. D. (adapted) (1983) 10'    
At Baia (version for clarinet, horn, harp, soprano and string trio); text from H. D. (adapted) (1983) 10'    
At Baia (version for soprano and piano); text from H. D. (adapted) (1983) 6'    
Simples (soprano and piano); texts from James Joyce (1980) 8'    
Adult Epigram (soprano and guitar); text from Wallace Stevens (1977) 8'    
Of Mere Being (soprano and piano); text from Wallace Stevens (1975) 7'    
They Flee From Me (mezzo-soprano and alto flute); text from Sir Thomas Wyatt (1973) 5'    
So Fine (SATB) Italian text from Dante Alighieri, "Tanto gentile ..."; setting in American English (original translation) and Italian. (1993) 5'    
Caritas (SATB); Latin text from St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians (1980) 4'    
Three scenes from Elsaveta (two male and two female voices, with piano) (1992) 25'    
Solo Piano
For Five (1995) 6'    
On Ondine (1991; 2000) 12'    
Migration (1990) 3'    
Another Time (1989) 2'    
Guerigny (1983) 2'    
Alta (1981) 8'  
Air for Ariel (1979) 1'    
Hard Times (1978) 8'    
Tender Buttons (1978) 3'  
Pterodactyl (1974) 6'  
Solo Violin
Memory's Minefield (1994) 12'    
(See also Sonata for Violin and Piano, under instrumental chamber music)    
Solo 'Cello
Allemande (1978) 2'    


(1978) 2'    
Courante (1986) 2'    
Solo Flute
Fantasy (1988) 6'    
Matrimony Music (1977) 2'    

Solo Clarinet

Amora (1984) 10'    
Digit (with computer-synthesized sound) (1978) 3'  

Solo Horn

Hornbill (1994) 11'    

Solo Guitar

Sunwood (1976) 6'    
(see also vocal chamber music, Adult Epigram)

Solo Percussion

Only Yesterday (for marimba, vibraphone, castanet, woodblock, 3 temple blocks, 2 bongos, 5 tom toms, and two cymbals-- small and large) (2002) 3'    
Another Day (for improvising percussionist, with optional sculture sonore (sounding sculptures) and their players) (2001) 20'    

Solo Organ

Contemplations (for organ, with optional improvisation) (2002) c. 10'    

Mechanical Music Box

Altamira (1983) 1'  


Sound Beach (4-track version) (1977) 7'    
Sound Beach (2-track version) (1975) 7'    
(See also Digit, under clarinet)

For Film

Baby-face Music; Decade Music (for film sponsored by the U.S. Commission on the International Women's Year, shown nationally) (1977) c.10'    

In Progress

One Day -- for solo percussionist c.20'    
Pied Beauty -- a setting of the poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, for soprano and double bass
Crow Soup -- a one-act opera; libretto by Leonora Carrington and Gabriel Weisz-Carrington (see under "projects")    
Donna mi Prega -- a bilingual oratorio setting (chorus, orchestra, vocal soloists) of Guido Cavalcanti's notorious 13th century canzone d'amore; in American English (original translation) and Italian; six movements
Elsaveta -- a full-length opera for film and/or video -- eight vocal roles; original libretto with Laurence Davies
Hot Particles -- an interactive composition for chamber installation of light and sound sources, including stroboscopic lights, projection hardware, and a sound-synthesis facility; digitally stored and interactively controlled via computer-interpreted live video (see VIDI, under "software")