Recent and upcoming events:


29 May 2004

8:30 PM

First performance of Simples, settings for contralto and piano of three of James Joyce's Pomes Penyeach; as part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Riverside opera Ensemble; Judith Skinner, contralto, Nathan Matthews, piano; Merkin Hall, New York City

1 May 2004

8:00 PM

First performance of Fool's Paradise, settings for soprano, flute, and 'cello, of forty-eight of William Blake's "Proverbs of Hell" from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; as part of a virtual reality installation/performance designed by Paul Hertz; Louis Hall, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois

5 February 2004

Delivery of revision of paper, "The Sounds of Babbitt's Voices, and the Reformation of Compositional Theory;" by invitation, League of Composers/ISCM; Elebash Hall, the Graduate Center, CUNY, as part of a program celebrating the publication of The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt

5 December 2003

Delivery of paper, "The Sounds of Babbitt's Voices, and the Reformation of Compositional Theory;" by invitation, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, as part of the conference Re-reading Babbitt: The Composer as Author

17 September 2003

European premiere of Contemplations; Gregory D'Agostino, organist; as part of the festival "Free Organ World," St. Ludmila Church, Prague (Czech Republic)

28 June 2003

World premiere of For Five; Bologna, Italy (Stefano Malferrari, piano).

3 June 2003

East coast premiere of Pied Beauty; as part of the annual meeting of the International Society of Bassists: Richmond, Virginia (Mimmi Fulmer, soprano, Bert Turetsky, bass) (2:00 PM!).

26 March 2003

Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, New York, NY: At Baia (extended version: Elizabeth Farnum, soprano; Curtis Macomber, violin; and Stephen Gosling, piano).

17 March 2003

Istituto Musicale Pareggiato "P. Mascagni," Livorno, Italy: conferenza -- "Le nuove frontiere;" delivered by invitation as part of Seminario/Concerto "La Percussine fra passato e futuro" (18,00, Aula 9).

23 February 2003

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Center for Jewish History, New York, NY: First performance of two transcriptions -- one for piano, the other for string quartet -- of Arnold Schoenberg's recently-discovered Untitled fugue fragment: November 10, 1938 ("Kristallnacht Fugue"). See also the current issue of The Musical Quarterly (v. 86/1), for Severine Neff's discussion of this work.

22 September 2002

Music Hall, Madison, WI: world premiere of Pied Beauty, a setting of Gerard Manley Hopkins' poem by the same title, for soprano and string bass; Mimmi Fulmer, soprano, Bert Turetsky, bass.
21 April 2002 World premiere of Respite from the Roast for the Scott Fields Ensemble Quintet. Conducted by the composer; Grace Chosy Gallery, 1825 Monroe Street Madison, Wisconsin; (608)255-1211
15 April 2002 World premiere of Only Yesterday, for percussionist Daniel Druckman; in a concert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the New York New Music Ensemble. Merkin Hall, New York City
7 April 2002 World premiere of Contemplations; Gregory D'Agostino, organist, in a recital to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the organ at St. John's Episcopal Church, Stamford, Connecticut. St. John' Episcopal Church, 628 Main Street, Stamford CT; (203) 348-2619
14 October 2001 World premiere of Another Day, for percussionist Jonathan Faralli, with six supporting percussionists playing the sculture sonore ("sounding sculptures") of Pistoiese sculptor Andrea Dami. Conducted by the composer; Villa La Torraccia, Fiesole (vic. Firenze), Italy
And a special bonus: Dembski quoted in Gastronomica -- The Journal of Food and Culture: In the category "Visionaries," at the beginning of the article by Adam Kowit entitled "Imagining the American Institute of Wine and Food -- The Legacy of John Ronsheim"; pp. 29-35, Volume 1, Number 4, Fall 2001 (the issue with Serrano's "Meat Weapon" on the cover).