Jeff Snyder - Composer / Improviser / Instrument Designer

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1-31-2015: Jeff Snyder and Sam Pluta (working together as exclusiveOr) will give the second performance of their ICElab commission, Modules, along with the International Contemporary Ensemble on January 31st, 2015, at 8pm.

5-?-2015: Jeff Snyder has been commissioned to write a new piece for Collide-O-Scope Ensemble for their "Walking in Altamira" concert in May of 2015. Date and venue yet to be scheduled.


12-1-2014: Jeff Snyder traveled to London and Berlin in December to teach guest workshops and give performances at Goldsmiths University, Queen Mary University, and the Berlin University of the Arts. He performed a duo concert with Till Bovermann at LEAP Gallery in Berlin on December 8th.

11-4-2014: Jeff Snyder performed modular analog synthesizer with the Federico Ughi Quartet at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NYC.

10-18-2014: Sideband performs a show at the College of the Holy Cross in Worchester, MA. Jeff Snyder's new piece for iPad ensemble, Procession, is premiered.

10-18-2014: Jeff Snyder presents his work in an invited talk at the Yale University Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (CEID), and gives a guest lecture for the Musical Acoustics and Instrument Design course taught by Konrad Kazcmarek and Dr. Larry Wilen.

10-18-2014: Jeff Snyder led a workshop on mobile device musical instruments for the Princeton University Arts and Humanities Symposium.

10-9-2014: Jeff Snyder performed on modular synthesizer for Federico Ughi Quartet's new album, recorded at Tedesco Studios.

10-5-2014: Jeff Snyder recorded with Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi.

9-22-2014: Jeff Snyder taught a workshop in mobile electronic musical instrument building at the Last Weekend in the Catskills, NY. Also performed in Patrick Higgins' piece on the final event of the weekend.

9-6-2014: Jeff Snyder presented on his work at the NYC Music Hackathon, held at the Spotify offices.

8-30-2014: Jeff Snyder performed on modular synthesizer in the Federico Ughi Quartet at the Douglass Street Music Collective in Brooklyn, NY.

8-27-2014: Jeff Snyder finished the musical score to Caroline Jin Key and Kim Kyung-Mook's documentary, Grace Period, which debuted at the DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival in September of 2014.

8-27-2014: Jeff Snyder finished the musical score to Caroline Jin Key and Kim Kyung-Mook's documentary, Grace Period, which debuted at the DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival in September of 2014.

8-8-2014: Jeff Snyder performed with the Federico Ughi Quartet at iBeam.

8-2-2014: Jeff Snyder's percussion quartet, Fictitious Forces, is premiered at the SOSI So Percussion Summer Institute.

7-23-2014: The Miz'Ries perform at Cameo, in Brooklyn, NYC. This is the release show for their new tape, Emotional Performance Motorcycle, on Belts and Whistles.

7-1-2014: Jeff Snyder presented two posters at NIME 2014 in London, UK. "The Birl, an electronic wind instruments based on an artificial neural network mapping structure" and "Mobile Devices Marching Band". PLOrk performed a piece as the Mobile Devices Marching Band as part of the conference.

6-1-2014: Jeff Snyder was an artist-in-residence at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, working on building new electronic musical instruments for two weeks among a fascinating group of amazing artists!

5-10-2014: The PLOrk House of Sound happened at Woolworth Hall in Princeton University - an afternoon presentations of electronic music projects and sound installations by students in Jeff Snyder's MUS/COS 314 course.

4-30-2014: On April 30th, Sideband presents the final concert of their residency at Yale University. The concert takes place at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library on the Yale University campus in New Haven.
Jeff Snyder's piece for iPads, iPhones and violins, "Science Fiction Was Wrong About a Lot of Things" was performed as part of the program.

4-25-2014: On April 25th, the Miz'ries played at the Red Room in Baltimore as part of the release tour for their debut EP, Emotional Performance Motorcycle.

4-23-2014: PLOrk, led by Jeff Snyder and Cenk Ergun, performs at Taplin Auditorium in Princeton University. A video of Machine Yearning, a piece with a giant industrial robot, is included on the videos page on this website.

4-8-2014: Jeff Snyder performs on Analog Synthesizer with the Federico Ughi Quartet at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NYC

3-29-2014: One of Jeff Snyder's instruments is included in an installation of David Tudor's Rainforest IV at the SEAMUS conference at Wesleyan UniversitySideband performed a concert of works with a program inspired by the writings of Phillip K. Dick.

3-28-2014: March 28th at the Center for Fiction in NYC, Sideband performed a concert of works with a program inspired by the writings of Phillip K. Dick.

3-25-2014: Four selections from Jeff Snyder's "Sunspots" series of multichannel analog synthesizer works are performed as part of a Princeton Sound Kitchen event.


3-23-2014: March 23rd, Jeff Snyder performed in the Federico Ughi Quartet at the OutNow series organized by Yoni Kretzmer


3-8-2014: March 8th, 2014 at the Stone 8PM
exclusiveOr (Jeff Snyder and Sam Pluta) performed their new work commissioned by the ICElab series along with the brass section and percussionist from ICE, the International Contemporary Ensemble.


2-27-2014: February 27th — The Miz'ries performed at Livestock Exchange in Princeton, NJ..


2-18-2014: February 18th, 2014 at Taplin Auditorium 8PM
Premiere of Jeff Snyder's newest concert work, Substratum for Pedal Steel Guitar and String Quartet featuring Susan Alcorn on the pedal steel and the Mivos Quartet.


1-2014: Book of Dreams, one of the tracks off of exclusiveOr's Archea album from 2013, is featured on Dublab.

1-2014: On Jan 30th, Sideband gave our first performance at Yale University as part of our time as Ensemble in Residence at the Department of Music.

1-2014: On Jan 26th, Jeff Snyder performed an improvised duet with dancer Nora Stephens at Andrea Clearfield's Salon in Philedelphia

12-2013: December 20th The Miz'ries performed on a bill alongside Zs and Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto at Trans Pecos in Brooklyn.

11-2013: Saturday, Nov. 23. Jeff Snyder plays in One For the Dark, a trio with Dan Peck (tuba) and Pascal Niggenkemper (bass) at the Douglas Street Music Collective.

11-2013: Tuesday Nov.19th. Jeff Snyder presents his work at Wesleyan University for their composition colloquium and their experimental music class.

11-2013: Friday, Nov. 15. Jeff Snyder plays with Federico Ughi (drums) and Cenk Ergun (laptop) at JACK space.

11-2013: Thurs, Nov. 7. Jeff Snyder plays with Sam Pluta (laptop), Dan Peck (tuba) and Jaap Blonk (voice) at Snugs.

11-2013:Reviews for exclusiveOr's Archea album come in: All About Jazzand The Answer is in the Beat

10-2013: Sunday, October 20, 8pm
exclusiveOr has their record release performance for their second album, Archaea, at the Firehouse Space


10-2013: Archaea, the new album by exclusiveOr, has been released in limited edition 12" vinyl and mp3 download on October 1st of 2013 by Carrier Records.


9-2013: Jeff Snyder performs on analog synthesizer in Wet Ink Ensemble's performance of music by Anthony Braxton. Also on the bill is Evan Parker's Electroacoustic Septet. September 30th, 2013.


9-2013:Thurs, Sept 26 8pm at I-Beam.
One for the Dark -- Jeff Snyder with Dan Peck and Pascal Niggenkemper


8-2013: Jeff Snyder plays a show with the Miz'Ries at JACK space on August 28th, 2013, with Dan Iglesia, Jim Altieri, Jessie Marino, and Natacha Diels.


8-2013: From August 4th-August 10th.
Jeff Snyder is a composer-in-residence at EMS, the Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm.


8-2013: Jeff Snyder performs as part of the SMC/SMAC conference in Stockholm, Sweden. August 1st, 2013.

7-2013: Jeff Snyder plays with the Miz'Ries, alongside Leila Adu (vocals, drum pads), Quinn Collins (turntables, effects) and Cenk Ergun (laptop, autoharp). ZirZamin, Manhattan, NYC. July 15th, 7:30pm.

6-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with the Federico Ughi Quartet at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NYC. June 26th, 2013.

6-2013: Jeff Snyder plays two set with two different groups in one night! First up, he performs with in a trio with Dan Peck (tuba) and Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass) for the 8:30pm set, and then with the Federico Ughi Quartet for the 10pm set. Muchmore's in Brooklyn, NYC. June 24th, 2013.

6-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Sideband at the Unplay festival in Brooklyn, NYC. June 11th, 2013. Here's a link to the New York Times review -- "Sideband, a laptop-computer ensemble spun off from the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, offered a paradoxically visceral, endlessly engaging program of inventive pieces by its members" -- Steve Smith, New York Times.


6-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Sideband at Google NYC. June 6th, 2013.


5-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with the Federico Ughi Quartet at I-Beam in Brooklyn, NYC. May 24th, 2013.


5-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Sideband at Roulette, along with Amy X Neuberg in Brooklyn, NYC. May 16th, 2013.


5-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Sam Pluta as exclusiveOr, at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, NYC. May 5th, 2013.


5-2013: Jeff Snyder performs in The Miz'Ries, with Leila Adu and Quinn Collins, for a dance performance by Rebecca Lazier's dance troupe. The performance is held as part of the Agon Of Dance and Opera Symposium at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ. May 4th, 2013.


4-2013: Jeff Snyder performs a duet with Quinn Collins (turntable, effects) at a MIMA event in Princeton, NJ. April 26th, 2013.


4-2013: The Associated Press does a video news story on the Princeton Laptop Orchestra. Watch it here.


4-2013: Jeff Snyder co-directs PLOrk (the Princeton Laptop Orchestra) in a performance of several new works at Taplin Auditorium. Included on the program is a new composition of Snyder's, Science Fiction Was Wrong About A Lot Of Things, for 6 iPads with portable speakers, two violins, and several iPhones. April 24th, 2013. Quick overview video of the performance here.


4-2013: Jeff Snyder performs in a trio version of exclusiveOr, with Sam Pluta on laptop and Federico Ughi on drums. Part of the Firehouse New Music Series curated by Iktus Percussion at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, NYC. April 5th, 2013.


4-2013: Jeff Snyder gives a presentation at LUCID NYC. Video of the presentation is here. April 3rd, 2013.


4-2013: Jeff Snyder performs in an improvisation trio with Dan Peck (tuba) and Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass). April 1rd, 2013.


3-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Cenk Ergun at the Qubit Noise Non-ference in NYC. March 30th, 2013.


3-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Federico Ughi at Livestock Exchange in Princeton, NJ. March 28th, 2013.


3-2013: Jeff Snyder performs with Leila Adu (voice/electronics) and Quinn Collins (turntables) in the debut of the Miz'Ries. At Practice, curated by Sam Hillmer at Zebulon in Brooklyn, NYC. March 18th, 2013.


3-2013: Jeff Snyder performs as a duo with Joshua Modney on violin at Livestock Exchange at Princeton University. March 7th, 2013.


3-2013: Jeff Snyder presents at Dorkbot NYC at Location One on March 6th, 2013.


2-2013: Jeff Snyder leads the Princeton Laptop Orchestra as the musical accompaniment to Merce Cunnhingham choreography at the Spring Dance Festival at Princeton University. February 22-24, 2013.


2-2013: Jeff Snyder performed with Federico Ughi at the Downtown Music Gallery at 6pm on Sunday, Feb 17th, 2013.


2-2013: Jeff Snyder performed with Sideband at the West Windsor Arts Council. Saturday, Feb 16th.


2-2013: Jeff Snyder's trio with Federico Ughi and Sam Pluta performed at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn. Other acts on the bill: Patrick Higgins and Joshua Modney duo, Eli Keszler, and Ashley Paul.
Friday, Feb 15th, 2013.


2-2013: Jeff Snyder performs a duo with Cenk Ergun as the accompaniment to Merce Cunningham choreography at the Princeton Art Museum. The dancers were led by Silas Reiner. Thursday, Feb 14th, 2013.


10-2012: Jeff Snyder's new duo with Federico Ughi will play at Zebulon in Brooklyn as part of the PRACTICE! series curated by Sam Hillmer, a.k.a. Diamond Terrifier. Other acts include: Diamond Terrifier/Dan Friel duo, KRTS and Gabii.
Tuesday, October 30th, 2012, starts at 9pm sharp.

10-2012: Jeff Snyder will perform with Federico Ughi, Leila Adu, Quinn Collins, and Eliot Cole as part of Princeton University's Livestock Exchage Series. October 11th in McAlpin Hall in Princeton, at noon.

10-2012: Jeff Snyder's duo with Sam Pluta, exclusiveOr, performed at Exapno in Brooklyn, for the release party for Katharina Rosenberger's new CD, recorded by Wet Ink Ensemble and out on HatHut.
Friday, October 5th, 2012, 9pm.

9-2012: Sideband performed Jeff Snyder's piece Undeciphered Writing at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in Princeton, NJ
September 15, 2012

8-2012: Jeff Snyder's new duo with drummer Federico Ughi performed at the You are Here Fesitval, at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn.
August 3rd, 2012.

7-2012: Stina Hasse and Jeff Snyder's sound art installation Move/Bevaeg Dig was shown at the BEAM festival in Uxbridge, UK.

7-2012: Jeff Snyder's piece Fantasy for Magnetic Resonator Piano was performed as part of CMMR 2012 (Computer Music Modeling and Retreival) in London on June 18th, 2012.

7-2012: Sideband has recorded our debut album! It will be released in early 2013.

6-2012: Sideband played at the Museum of the Moving Image on June 15th, 2012.

5-2012: Jeff Snyder presented his paper "The JD-1: an Implementation of a Hybrid Keyboard/Sequencer Controller for Analog Synthesizers" at NIME 2012 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

5-2012: Sideband played at Music With a View at the Flea Theater on May 16th, 2012.

4-2012: Jeff Snyder gave a talk titled "Electronic Made Acoustic" at the Symposium on Electroacoustic Performance at Brooklyn College in NYC, organized by Douglas Geers.

4-2012: exclusiveOr, Jeff Snyder's duo with Sam Pluta, performed at Livestock Exchange in Princeton, NJ.

4-2012: Jeff Snyder's new piece for Laptop Orchestra, Undeciphered Writing, was performed by Sideband in April of 2012 at SLEO, the Symposium for Laptop Ensembles and Orchestras, in Baton Rouge, LA.

4-2012: Jeff Snyder's new piece for Laptop Orchestra, Undeciphered Writing, was performed by PLOrk, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra in April of 2012 at Richardson Auditorium in Princeton, NJ.

3-2012: Jeff Snyder presented a paper at MMI 2012 , the Music, Mind and Invention Workshop, and also performed with Sideband as the invited ensemble.

3-2012: Jeff Snyder presented a paper with Stina Hasse at MMI 2012 , the Music, Mind and Invention Workshop, and also performed with Sideband as the invited ensemble.

2-2012: Jeff Snyder performed on modular synthesizer in a group with Sam Pluta, Peter Evans, Jim Altieri, Tom Blancarte and Dan Peck at the AC Institute for the opening of Sam Pluta's installation there on Feb 10th, 2012.

11-2011: Eric Wubbels performed Jeff Snyder's Fantasy for Magnetic Resonator Piano at Temple University in Philadelphia. The Magnetic Resonator Piano is an instrument designed by Andrew Macpherson.

11-2011: Jeff Snyder recently finished the design and construction of the new Snyderphonics JD-1 keyboard/sequencer. Check it out on

11-2011: Presented my analog pen plotter drawings as part of the Algorithmic Unconscious show at Devotion Gallery in Williamsburg, NYC.

10-2011: Jeff Snyder's duo with Sam Pluta, exclusiveOr, played at Roulette in NYC as part of the Sonic Festival. Here is a video of the performance.

10-2011: Jeff Snyder performed on Manta and computer-controlled cymbals, and presented at the “Science Fair” in the Max/MSP Cycling 74 Expo at NYU Poly in NYC.

9-2011: Jeff Snyder performed at the Gutter in NYC in a duo with Eric Wubbels on a dual-Manta computer-controlled cymbals rig. Video of the performance is here.

6-2011: Jeff Snyder presented the Birl and the Manta at the Solid Sound Festival at Mass MOCA as part of Handmade Music, curated by Peter Kirn.

5-2011: Jeff Snyder presented at the 2011 New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference (NIME) in Oslo, Norway. The paper title is “The Snyderphonics Manta, a novel USB touch controller” .

5-2011: Jeff Snyder performed on analog modular synthesizer with Sam Pluta and Jim Altieri as part of the Carrier Records Showcase at St. Mark's Church in the Bowery, NYC.

5-2011: Jeff Snyder presented his work on invented instruments and pen plotter visual art at the Leaders in Software Art Salon in NYC in May of 2011.

5-2011: Jeff Snyder and Sam Pluta performed as exclusiveOr at the Roosevelt Arts Project. They improvised a live score to a 1960s documentary about rabbits. Video of the performance is available here.

4-2011: Jeff Snyder's piece for laptop orchestra, Whac-A-Note, is performed by PLOrk, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, at Taplin Auditorium in Princeton, and at 92Y Tribeca in NYC.

2-2011: Jeff Snyder presented the current version of the birl, his electromechanical wind instrument, at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech.

11-10: CONSUME -an existential taste test in 5 acts- featured my piece "Percussion II". It was an unusual theatrical presentation of recent music that involves computers, put on by the group Music Under the Influence of Computers, headed by Rick Snow and David Medine and supported by the CRCA at UC-San Diego. It's the first time one of my more technically complex pieces has been presented without my physically being there. Hats off to those guys!

11-10: Jeff Snyder presented his recent visual art using pen plotters to etch circuitboard landscapes at Dorkbot NYC on November 3rd, 2010. He also showed some experiments using analog synthesizers to control analog pen plotters. Here is a video of the presentation, and some pictures that Douglas Repetto took. Gabriella Mangino wrote an article about it for

6-10: Jeff Snyder performs on analog modular synthesizer for Katherine Young's show at Issue Project Room

6-10: Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves played at the Ding Dong Lounge with Habit Trail. Casey took pictures!

5-10: Jeff Snyder is now Dr. Jeff Snyder. Just received my doctorate from Columbia University in Music Composition! I've also got a new job as the Technical Director for the Electronic Music Studios at Princeton University, and as the Associate Director of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, or PLOrk.

4-10: Jeff Snyder presented the birl (his electromechanical wind instrument) at Dorkbot NYC. Douglas took pics!

3-10: Jeff Snyder did a short residency and gave a presentation at STEIM in Amsterdam.

3-10: Jeff Snyder showed the Manta at the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech.

3-10: Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves played at CDM's Handmade Music event in March of 2010. Some video here.

6-09: Jeff Snyder improvised on Serge Modular Synthesizer with Katherine Young on bassoon and Erica Dicker on violin at Ibeam on Sunday, June 21st.

6-09: The Draftmasters performed with Dan Iglesia and Glissando Bin Laden at Monkeytown on Saturday, June 20th, 7:30 PM. The Draftmasters are Victor Adan and Jeff Snyder controlling antiquated pen-plotters with the Manta.

8-09: Cougar released their 2nd album, Patriot, in August of 2009 on NinjaTune Records. The album includes a fantastically played cover of Jeff Snyder's song Endings.

5-09: Jeff Snyder's electronic musical instrument company, Snyderphonics, releases the production model of the Manta. The Manta is a controller for music and video, with a hexagonal touch-sensor interface. Here are two nice reviews! Vlad Spears' review, Darwin Grosse's review. Here are some videos: 1, 2, 3

5-09: Jeff Snyder's doctoral dissertation piece, Concerning the Nature of Things, was performed at St. Peter's Church in Chelsea, NYC. The piece featured 5 of Jeff's invented instruments: the Bass Manta, the Resophonic Manta, the treble contravielle, the tenor contravielle, and the birl. The piece was performed by Wet Ink Ensemble, including Eric Wubbels, Ian Antonio, Erin Lesser, Matt Hough and Joshua Modney on the instruments, and Kate Soper and Matt Hough on vocals.

3-09: Two videos of Drafmasters performances are up on Vimeo. Check out Draftmasters I and Draftmasters II.

2-09: Jeff Snyder throws a party to celebrate the completion of a production run of Snyderphonics Mantas. Owen Lake, Jeff Snyder's electro-country alter ego, performs with his new band, the Tragic Loves. Read a brief interview here.

1-09: A recording of Jeff Snyder's piece for chamber ensemble, Traceries, has been released on Carrier Records. It's available from the Carrier Records website, or through I-Tunes.

12-08: Jeff Snyder's Percussion III, a piece for string orchestra and computer-controlled ride cymbals, was performed by the Knights String Orchestra on Dec. 7th, 2008, as part of the Bargemusic series. Eric Wubbels controlled the cymbal part on the Snyderphonics Manta.

11-08: Jeff Snyder's Sunspots, a piece for Buchla synthesizer and resonating objects, was released on The Language Of, a compilation of New York City experimental musicians. The CD is available on I-Tunes, and through QuietDesign Records in Austin, TX.

10-08: Jeff Snyder's Traceries, for chamber ensemble, was performed by Wet Ink as part of their season 10 opener. The performance was recorded, to be later released as part of the new Wet Ink CD on Carrier Records.

10-08:The Draftmasters present at Eyebeam Gallery as part of Untethered.

7-08: Jeff Snyder presents his work to high school students taking a summer music course at NYU.

5-08:The Draftmasters, Jeff's new band with Victor Adan, will have it's debut performace on May 8th, 2008, at the Tank. Also inlcuded on the show is a set by Glissando bin Laden, a duet betwen Brad Garton and Dan Trueman, and some of Dan Iglesia's red/blue glasses 3D video work. Find out who is king of the Princeton/Columbia Electronic Music Center dynasty.

The Draftmasters is poised to become the world's foremost (read: only) live pen-plotter band. Be there to experience the beginning of greatness!

4-08: . Jeff Snyder's piece, Vox In Vitro, was performed by ICE (the International Contemporary Ensemble), at Merkin Concert Hall, on Saturday, April 5th. The piece was the first notated work for his new instruments, including the MEAPbook and treble/tenor Countervielles. It combines his invented instruments, played by Eric Wubbels, Jim Altieri, and Matt Hough, with an 8-member ensemble of traditional instruments.

4-08: . exclusiveOr, an electronic music duo featuring Jeff Snyder and Sam Pluta, performed at Monkeytown, on Wednesday, 16 April 2008. The performance was part of the HiFi New Music Festival in NYC.

2-08: Jeff Snyder's electronic country EP as Owen Lake was released in February of 2008. The album features guest musicians Dave Novak (of the Trailblazers) on guitar and backup vocals, Matt Hough (of Zs and the Seductive Sprigs) Bob Hoffnar on pedal steel, Anna Stirr and Maria Sonevetsky (of Debutante Hour) on vocals, and Ryan Smith (of Twin Thousands, the Silent League, and Stars Like Fleas) on keyboards.

1-08: Jeff Snyder will be presenting his new instruments at this month's Dorkbot NYC. Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008, at 7pm. Location One, 26 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand). Free and open to the public.

12-07: Wet Ink's season opener includes the debut of Jeff Snyder's trio of instruments, the MEAPbook/counter-harmonium, and his tenor and treble "string" instruments. The performance is at Symphony Space, Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater.
11-07: Jeff Snyder's newest instrument, based on a "string instrument" interface, is finished and ready for it's first performance on Dec.1st, 2007.
10-07: Jeff wins 2nd place in the Cypress Semiconductor Innovator Design Challenge 2007 for the MEAPbook.
10-07: The ver1.3 MEAPbook circuits are back from the fabricator, and they look terrific. Work is starting on the production of 14 models for beta-testing.
8-07: Twin Thousands' debut single, Like You A Lot, includes a remix by Scattershot. It's released on Exercise1 recordings.
8-07: The wood case for the ver 1.2 MEAPbook is finished and the code is complete. It's alive!
7-07: Jeff Snyder completed the ver1.2 MEAPbook circuit design and got them fabricated. Thanks to the MEAP fund, an equipment donation from Cypress Semiconductor, PCBExpress, and Screaming Circuits.
6-07: Jeff Snyder demonstrated the first prototype of the MEAPbook at NIME 2007 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression). Jeff performed a duet for MEAPbook and Serge Modular Synthesizer with Eric Wubbels on the final night of the concert. This early MEAPbook is now referred to as the "Soviet" prototype.
5-07: Gandalf Gavan's solo exhibition at the Larissa Goldston Gallery includes a collaboration with Jeff Snyder: Back Rooms and Other Places of Public Privacy. The exhibit is open from May 12-June 23rd.

5-07: Jeff Snyder performed Materials, his work for analog modular synthesizer and chamber orchestra, as part of Wet Ink's "New Works for Large Ensemble" concert.

Thursday, May 3rd: New Works for Large Ensemble
performed by the Wet Ink Ensemble
works by: Reiko Fueting, Beat Furrer, Phill Niblock, Vincent Raikhel, Katharine Soper and Jeff Snyder
at New York Quarterly Meeting House

5-07: Jeff Snyder performed his live score to the modern dance ensemble Fivefour's new work at Joyce Soho on the weekend of May 10th through May 12th.

4-07: exclusiveOr, a duo project consisting of Jeff Snyder and Sam Pluta on Buchla and Serge modular synthesizers, has completed its debut album.

2-07: Jeff Snyder's duet for electric guitar and accordion, Epicycles, was performed again by Eric Wubbels and Matt Hough on March 19th, at Symphony Space, as part of the Wet Ink 2006-2007 season.

2-07: Jeff Snyder's duet for electric guitar and accordion, Epicycles, was premeired by Eric Wubbels and Matt Hough on March 2nd, at Juilliard for the Columbia Composers' concert series.

9-06: Jeff Snyder's revised version of Nomographs, written for the Timetable Percussion Trio, was premeired on September 9th, 2006 at the Tenri Cultural Institute. A recording of the piece is planned for the summer of 2007.

5-06: A piece by Jeff Snyder and Ryan Smith was used for a video installation by Nora Stephens and Diana Carulli. The project was presented in the Brookyn Public Library, main branch, at Grand Army Plaza from May 17-June 25th.

2-06: Jeff Snyder debuted his new version of Percussion, for computer-controlled cymbals on February 24th of 2006. The concert was part of the Wet Ink 2005/2006 season, and featured an improvisation by Trio (with Christian Wolff, Larry Polanski and Kui Dong) as the second set.

2-06: The new single for A Million Billion's Volcano Season comes out on Exercise 1 Records in the UK on February 27th. Included is the Scattershot remix of the title track.

2-06: Jeff Snyder's Dance Suite was premiered by L'Ensemble Portique, a group that performs Baroque chamber music alongside contemporary pieces written for early instruments, on February 10th of 2006.

1-06: On January 5th, Jeff Snyder performed a solo set of live electronics at an event for the poetry journal Antennae at ACA Galleries in NYC.

12-05: Jeff Snyder and Ryan Smith performed a duo electronics set as The Creations on December 8th as part of the Wet Ink 05/06 concert season.

11-05: Jeff Snyder's transcriptions of Bach chorales for two saxophones, accordion, and two guitars were performed on the November 20th Wet Ink Concert.

10-05: Jeff Snyder is presenting some of his new sound installation work at Dorkbot NYC on Wednesday, October 5th.

7-05: Jeff Snyder wrote music to accompany Lunch Date by the modern dance duo FiveFour. It's being performed on July 18th, 25th, and 28th at Chashama.

6-05: On June 15th, 2005 Jeff Snyder's newest concert work, Traceries, is premiered. Written for flute, bass clarinet, violin, 'cello, accordion, electric guitar, marimba and electronics, it is performed by the Wet Ink Ensemble at the Bowery Poetry Club as part of the '04-'05 Wet Ink Season.
6-05: Jeff Snyder performs on electronics for several pieces in the Counter)Induction concert 'Big Science'. June 3rd, 2005 at the Tenri Cultural Institute.

5-05: On May 21st, 2005, Scattershot rocked a Brooklyn junkyard, playing Gandalf Gavan's MFA graduation party.

4-05: Jeff Snyder's new piece for the Timetable Percussion Trio was premiered at the Bowery Poetry Club, as part of the Wet Ink 2004-2005 season.
4-05: The Nora New Dance Company presented an evening of dance with music and a sound installation by Jeff Snyder and Ryan Smith.
2-05: Jeff Snyder performed as Scattershot for a benefit concert for the Nora New Dance Company held at the Llano Estacado. New songs were brought out, including some that will land on the new EP.
1-05: Jeff Snyder and Eric Wubbels perform together as 'The Disembodied Head of Peter Ladefoged' at the John Cage Music Circus, held at the Construction Company.

12-04: Jeff Snyder and Eric Wubbels collaborated with Nora Stephens and the Nora New Dance Company on a window performance at the new Chashama space. The audience watched the piece through the window outside the building, and heard the music through speakers outside.

11-04: Jeff Snyder performed, as Scattershot, a suite of his own arrangements of the music from The Last Ninja, by Ben Daglish, at the Free 103.9 Game Overture II at Office Ops.

10-04: Jeff Snyder's most recent concert piece, Intervellum, (for electric guitar, rhodes piano, violin, and 'cello) is performed at the Tenri Cultural Institute on October 16th. A recording is included on the music page.

9-04: Jeff Snyder's installationwith Gandalf Gavan, Speak Low, is displayed for the Columbia University 250th Anniversary Event in the entrance to the Low Library on Columbia's campus on the weekend of September 30th. View some photographs of the installation.
8-04: Jeff Snyder tours with the Power-Ups as synthesist/arranger. Great audiences and great press response! Interviews run in the Chicago Tribune and Philadephia City Paper, plus critic's choice in Minneapolis City Pages, and several other independent weeklies...
6-04: Jeff Snyder collaborates with choreographer Nora Stephens on a new video piece, White Butterfly.
5-04: Jeff Snyder collaborates with visual artist Gandalf Gavan on aninstallation at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council building, Speak Low for a Perfect Communication of the Soul.
4-04: Jeff Snyder's recent concert music piece, Vibration I, recieves its premiere performance with the Timetable percussion trio, William Schimmel on accordion, Matt Hough on guitar, Matt Cody conducting, and the composer on electronics, at Merkin Concert Hall.
1-04: Jeff Snyder performs Tombeau on solo electronics at the Tank.
1-04: Jeff Snyder produced the new album by The Industry, 'Everything Comes With a Price', out soon on Record High Records.
6-03: Jeff Snyder creates a remix for Chicago experimental trio TV Pow.
5-03: Scattershot track "Extrasexual Behavior" is used by Media Assassin Harry Allen as the opening theme music for his radio program, Nonfiction. The show airs on Wednesdays, at 2:00PM on WBAI, New York City's Pacifica station.
4-03: Jeff Snyder performs on solo electronics at Buddy Gallery in Chicago.
3-03: Jeff Snyder performs two compositions(Retina, Priori II) and one improvisation at Deadtech as part of the Decomposure series.

2-03: Natty Nation's new album, "Inatty In Jah Music" is released, with two dub remixes by Scattershot.

Here's an excerpt from a review:

"The best surprises come at the end of the track list with DJ Scattershot's languorous dub mixes of 'Wise & Prudent' and 'Rasta Revolution.' His low-end doesn't obliterate the rest of the music, yet it's just short of teeth-rattling. He also brings snatches of horns, organ and other keyboards in and out of the mix with a space alien's sense of astral harmony." -The Isthmus

6-02: Public Enemy's new album, Revolverlution, is released. It includes a remix of "The B-Side Wins Again" by Jeff Snyder and Ryan Smith. Chuck D called the remix "Beyond anything describable... at the same time the most incredible and possibly the worst sonic experience in some time".

Here are some mentions of the Scattershot remix in reviews of "Revolverlution":

"The 'B-Side Wins Again' remix, in particular, really stands out. The minimalist yet funky drum track fades in and out, augmented by densely textured and frenzied samples that perfectly complement Chuck D's riotous homage to b-sides. Not many old-school acts could pull off such an audacious revision, but Public Enemy have always been musically ahead of the game." - Pitchfork Media

"B Side Wins Again (Scattershot Remix): This bizarre, banging mess of feedback and battering, off-kilter beats sounds like an avante techno Def Jux throwdown. Its tone changes constantly, and despite the unevenness in the song’s sound, it’s as thrilling and strange as anything the band [Public Enemy] has ever done." - Stylus Magazine

12-02: Scattershot's debut EP, "Extrasexual Behavior", is self-released. It features guest performances by experimental guitarist Scott Fields, members of the Youngblood Brass Band, and saxophonists John Keech and Anders Svanoe, as well as the talents of drummers Rick Flowers and Craig Walkner, bassist Todd Hill and guitarist Dan Venne.

Some reviews of the 'Extrasexual Behavior' EP:

"[Scattershot] works a retro groove thing with real intelligence... Reminiscent of Herbie Hancock's earliest flirtations with funk... Smolders and burns with a controlled intensity... Beyond interesting..." - Tom Laskin, The Isthmus

"A splurge of raving, rapid-fire instrumentals...intense, skillful songs." -The Daily Cardinal

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